Chattanooga Boudoir Photographer

What Kind of Session do I want?

This is a super easy one! How much time and how personal do you want your Boudoir Session to be?

Both my session types come with Complimentary Style Consultation, access to the Client Closet, Full Styling (Hair, Makeup, and lashes included), and a Separate Reveal Session for you to come in and pick out which products to show off your Gorgeous Self!

Choose the Classic Session, if you prefer a shorter experience (up to 3 hours), with 3 outfit/looks, 1 makeup/hair look, in studio or on location for $400

Choose the Editorial Session if you want a truly intimate and unique experience. These are normally on location (but can be in studio if preferred). These are full specialty experiences that you can customize as you wish. Would you like an intimate look into you and your partner's private life? Done! You want a High Fashion Couture Marie Antoinette Boudoir session? You got it! Or do you just want all the time you'd like, unlimited locations and makeup/styling looks? This is the route for you. 

Up to 6 hours shoot time, unlimited looks, for $600 + Expenses

If it’s in season, the studio may be booking a Mini Session weekend. These vary depending on theme and what is included. You can check for there Here

We also have 1 Full Collection that you can invest in at booking, for an increased discount. The Black Label Collection is a full Classic Session + a 6x6 Little Black Book, exclusive to this Collection. It holds up to 10 of your fine art portraits. You can find details for it Here


*Average Product Investment is $1500. View our Studio Products HERE

How do I afford this?

Boudoir is a great way to pamper and invest in yourself. But, I definitely know that not everyone has the funds to experience for themselves. I hate this because I believe Everyone deserves to see themselves in a whole new light. Everyone deserves to get pampered and treated like a queen every once in a while.

This is why I offer Customizable payment plans and Boudie Credit! These payment plans can be used on everything from your session itself to all the Products you'd like to show yourself off with. See if you qualify for Boudie Credit HERE



How do I Prep for my Session?

It's easy, don't worry! During your Style consult we'll go over some Tips & Tricks (that will also be emailed to you before your session) as well as a Timeline for you to look through. 

Until then, here are some of my go to Tips:

1. Take Care of yourself!
-Double your water intake 2 or so weeks before your Session. Also lower your salt and alcohol as well. All of these will help you look and feel your best for your session.

2. Don't stay out in the sun. 
- Don't go building a deck out in the summer sun, the week before your session.

-A natural tan is already kind of orange toned in portraits, imagine what a fake one looks like (not to mention uneven and messy). I'm not saying go without, just don't do it the week or so before your session.

4. High waisted is Everything
- High waisted items (that cut off at your smallest areas) are more likely to emphasize your best assets and minimize any problem areas

5. No teddies
We want items that will Accentuate your body, not hide it. Teddies rarely do this

And, If you would like to go over my Tips & Tricks ahead of time, though, feel free!

What About Hair & Makeup?

That's another thing not to worry about! Hair & Makeup (or full styling in the case of you Men) is included with all of our Sessions. We do this for several reasons, but the main thing is that we want you to feel pampered throughout your day and Hair & Makeup is a big part of it. And for those of you worried about too much makeup, for photoshoots, a lot only goes a little bit of the way. It may seem too much for you, but through the camera, it's just enough. And we'll match it to the look you're trying to show off. We like natural just as much (if not more!) than a vamped up siren look. 


But I don't have a lot of lingerie...

Believe it or not, Lingerie is actually not a big deal in Boudoir. For 1, I do have a Client Closet stocked with everything from billowy see through wraps, to leather chest harnesses and everything in between. We can style your whole session from my Closet alone. And 2 - There are a lot of unconventional items that you can utilize from your Closet that Aren't lingerie. You can view them all HERE

Other then that, we do reccomend that all Clients bring at least 1 black and/or nude pair of underwear *in case you're planning on wearing anything of mine* And if you're going to go out to purchase anything, I'd go with high waisted. They're flattering on everyone!

Where would the Session take place?

That is entirely up to you as well! While I prefer on location shooting. As this gives you a completely unique experience that is more meaningful to you. I also have a full studio stocked with furniture, wall decoration, and client closet waiting at your disposal as well. Common session locations: 

Your own home - This is the most personal and gives you a completely unique and intimate experience. Don't worry! It doesn't have to be spick and span, a lot of what I do doesn't focus on your room. It focuses on you!

Local Airbnb's or Hotels - Sometimes Clients want a weekend away at a little stay-cation, or you're traveling to Chattanooga to have your session with me. This is a great way to achieve a unique and different look. Choose from the stylized and urban hotels around our gorgeous Downtown Chattanooga areas. Or, pick a cute bungalow up in the mountains for a one of a kind weekend experience

Unusual Industrial/Urban areas - I've had Clients want their sessions in Tattoo Parlors, mechanic's garages (usually their husbands'), rustic warehouses, etc. They make for fun and unique Boudoir Sessions

Rural outdoor locations - We have access to a Beautiful Mountain vista up near Cloudland Canyon. It's a breathtaking wooded area that always reminds me of the woods of Scotland, with beautiful moss everywhere. This is a wonderful option *only open to weekday shoots*. Or if you have access to some beautiful outdoor (private) property, we can shoot there as well!

My Studio - You also have my studio to choose from, with its vintage furnishings, moody lighting, and soon the greenhouse and outdoor shooting areas as well!

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I need my Products in by a certain Date, How far ahead do I have to schedule my session?

If your session is on a time time frame please let me know in our initial talks and/or during your Style Consult. this is very important in scheduling your session. Typically I recommend your session to happen 6-8 weeks before your event, just in case. We will do the best we can to accommodate your timeline. 

Also, we do book up months in advance. So, be sure to schedule your session as soon as you know you'd like one!

What happens After my session?

2-3 weeks after your session you'll receive an email to schedule your Reveal session. This can be either online via video chat (if you're traveling to see me or I'm traveling when I shoot you) or in person at my studio in Chattanooga. 

You will see all your fully retouched portraits in a custom slideshow, accompanied by wine and light snacks. Then we'll go through your images, pick out your favorites and then fully customize them to the best products to show off your Gorgeous Self! 

chattanooga boudoir

Chattanooga Boudoir Photographer

I love seeing all these diverse and beautiful women, but I don't really want to show myself off publicly just yet. Do I have to?

Not at all! Boudoir can be an immensely intimate experience. You should feel comfortable sharing as much as you wish. Some of my clients love showing off their beauty. But, some also work in some strict fields. If you work in banking, law, education, and/or public service (and etc), you probably don't want to share a full release. But, we also have many different types of releases. If you still want your story to be heard, we can just share non-identifying images, or share just to the VIP room private gallery. You can choose how identifiable you are in any shared images. Or we don't have to share them at all!

Chattanooga boudoir photographer

Okay let's do this!

Wonderful! Start by Contacting me to set up your Complimentary Style Consult and Boudoir Session. Here we'll go over all the fine details, chat a bit, get to know each other and sign all the final paperwork. This is a completely unique experience and I can't wait to see you in person to plan it all out! You can either follow the link above or email me at