Pick your Favorite Album. These luxury heirlooms are the best use of your investment, getting you the most of your portraits for the investment.

12x12 Luxury Album

These large and gorgeous heirloom albums are the perfect size to view your Stunning portraits every day!

12 spreads (22 pages)
Up to 30 Portraits



*additional Portraits - $50

Renaissance leather w/ ice Cover

Sahara leather cover w/ Portrait Combo

10x10 Luxury Album

The 12x12's Sexy little sister, loves to show off, but still small enough to hide away when company comes over. 

10 Spreads (20 pages)
up to 20 Portraits



*additional Portraits - $50

Classic Album - 5 spreads - Black Leather

Classic Album - 5 spreads - Black Leather

8x8 Little Black Book

This Classic album comes supple black leather

5 spreads (10 pages) 
8-10 Portraits





Leather/ICE Combo (Acrylic cover over Metal portrait) - $100
Leather/Portrait Combo - $50
Full Portrait Cover - $50
Full Leather Cover - Complimentary


*Antique Silver - Only Leather
*Renaissance & Confident Caramel - Only Leather or ICE
*Sin with Me Red - Only Leather or Portrait Combo



Digitals & Wall Art

Pick your Favorite Digital Collection and/or Metal Art

Digital Collections

All Portraits: $2500
20 Portraits: $1800
10 Portraits: $1400

Metal Art

24x36: $700
20x30: $600
16x24: $400


*BONUS: When you purchase a Luxury Album + a Digital Collections, you'll receive a 20x30 Metal art - Complimentary!



the Extras

Choose from any of our Specialty Add-ons AFTER you choose your Album, Metal Art, and/or Digital Collection.

Social Media Digitals

Get your portraits in your choice of private online gallery or engraved Wanderlust usb. These do not include printing rights, but are perfect for social media sharing, or to save you time and trouble when ordering studio products from your session later.



Boudie Calendar

Printed on beauty heavy archival quality paper, This stand-alone piece artfully combines a solid brass easel with premium quality papers to bring you a beautifully unique desk or tabletop display. Just add 12 of your favorite portraits; gift it or enjoy all year round.



Boudie View

Perfect for the Kid at Heart in your Husband or Wife. Remember those old Viewmasters we used to look through as a kid? The ones that showed off the 7 wonders of the world and what not? Well, you can customize them now! Turn your assets into the next World Wonder and watch their jaws drop.

14 slides - 7 portraits


*additional slides - $100

Wanderlust Boudoir Studio Chattanooga Tennessee Photographer

Mobile App

Take your portraits on the road and show them off to Friends, Family, or just to look at throughout the day. Hubby or Wife travel? Can be downloaded onto as many mobile devices as you would like. Holds all of your purchased portraits, shown at the perfect size and color space for viewing on a cell phone or tablet.

*only an add on to the Social Media Digital Collection. Cannot be purchased separately


Wanderlust Boudoir Chattanooga photographer

Fine Art Prints

Archival quality Fine Art Prints, sizes 4x6-8x12, mounted on 3mm Polystyrene so that they withstand the test of time. They are durable enough to stand on their own, on an easel, or still thin enough to be put in a frame to match your decor. 




Boudie Credit & Payment Plans

Ask about setting up a Customized Payment plan! I want you to get the most out of your Boudoir Experience, so if you can't pay for everything now, I'll create a custom Payment Plan for you!

Choose to pre-purchase products at Booking for 10% off
Add on a Payment plan for your products at your Reveal Session
Plans up to 24 months

Or apply for Boudie Credit HERE
(0% APR for the first 3 months for qualified Clients)


*images shown above are stock photos of products