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Chattanooga Boudoir photography studio Tennessee

I love when I get to be creative with my Clients and their sessions become something Magical!

Sarah is a talented local tattoo artist. (and now My Tattoo artist!) We found each other, fell in love with each others styles. I can’t wait for her future planned sessions!

"You don’t have to be a model to model. 
Before working with her, I didn’t really know what I was doing and I felt nervous, yet excited. 
During the shoot, she treats every aspect professionally, and makes sure you’re comfortable. She’s very knowledgeable about her craft and will help you, every step of the way. (With outfits, makeup, props, posing, etc.)
I think the best part is to see the final product. It makes you feel so beautiful, and special. You can tell that she puts a lot of work into her photography. Not just during her shoots, but to plan everything out, to make sure everything runs smoothly, to get her shots and to spend her time editing and making sure your photos are everything you dreamed of. 
I highly recommend TK for anyone who wants the whole experience”

- Sarah

Chattanooga Boudoir photography Tennessee
Chattanooga Tennessee Boudoir Photographer
Chattanooga Boudoir photography Tennessee
Tennessee Smoky Mountains Boudoir Photography
Chattanooga greenhouse boudoir photography studio Tennessee

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