Off to Camp...

This year I went on a truly magical experience. I roadtripped, just for the fun of it, across our continent, from South East TN all the way up to Haliburton Ontario (3.5 hours North of Toronto). 

Why did you do this? You might ask. It wasn't just to take a vacation. Not just to get away for the weekend. No. I drove over 2,000 miles to meet some of the greatest minds in the Boudoir photographer community this side of the world. Over 100 of the best boudoir photographers in North and South America, all in one place. 

Rural Canada.

Not the first place one would imagine a workshop such as this. But, strangely it worked! Imagine tons of photographers in lingerie traipsing up and down the countryside, not a normal person in sight. It was heaven!

Here's a collection of the photos that I myself took there. Most of them aren't safe for mainstream social media, so I'm showing them off here!