Boudie Parties

Been wanting a girls night but aren't a club person? Want to do something special for your Bachelorette party that your bridal party will remember for years to come? These parties are even perfect for Birthday Parties (18+ of course) and parties for recent Divorcees! 


What's included?

Boudie Parties are normally 4 hours long. Our Leading Lady gets pampered by having full Hair and Makeup, choice of our Client Closet and 30 minutes private shoot time. Each of the other ladies/gents are given 15 minutes private shoot time. The leading lady will receive an 8x12 fine art portrait and each of the other party goers receive 1 4x6 fine art portrait from the night, with the option of purchasing anything else additionally. We also provide the Leading Lady's choice of refreshments, fun and sexy games, and a photobooth for the party to be entertained. 

Additionally the Leading Lady will receive a Complimentary Style Consult and all of the Party goers can either arrange a group Reveal Session (Make it another mini party!) Or, individual online Reveal sessions, so that they can choose which pictures they would like to invest in


Where do I start?

Easy! Email me at or here on the website. Normally I will work with the friend and/or Leading Lady organizing the party. Contracts will be sent to all joining the party, but that 'point person' will be the one the invoice for the party is sent to. Once the Contract and invoice are signed, your party is booked! 

The leading lady of the party get's a Complimentary Style Consultation where she'll go through the Client Closet, pick out some favorites, talk about the style of party she's wanting, some of the fun different options that we can provide, and we finalize the date and location (You choose this, it isn't included)

My girls either choose to have their party in their own homes, like a Pure Romance party, or makeup (insert avon,younique,marykay,etc) party. Or they rent an airbnb or Hotel room. 


What happens the day of the Party?

The fun has arrived! 

You ladies will get to the scheduled location, get comfy. Me and my team will come at the appointed time (can be day or night). We bring games, snacks and refreshments, a Photobooth, selections from my Client Closet, and everything needed to get our Leading Lady Glammed up!

Then when the girls have settled in with their Mimosas and snacks, we start in on Hair & Makeup for the Leading lady. During which the other girls do their own makeup (if they haven't already), play games, eat, drink, try on lingerie, play paparazzi with the photobooth, the list goes on and on.

Then the Leading Lady is finished, stunning in her new look. Depending on what you ladies want, we can shoot your mini sessions in a separate room, or separate area of the main room with you ladies cheering on. It's whatever you all prefer. I'll first shoot the Leading Lady for 30 minutes, then 15 minutes with the other ladies. 

During all of this, my team will be taking candids of the ladies and of you getting your makeup done. Then by the very end we'll do some group shots (think pillow fights, or everyone with their legs crossed against the wall, or Vanity Faire type shots, etc)

Then 2-3 weeks later you'll either have a group reveal session, or have separate online Video Reveals. This is where you choose your Complimentary Print as well as decide how you would like to further show off your Gorgeous Self! 


Have More Questions?

No problem! Feel free to email me at