Bonfires & Boobs - A Boolesque Party Night

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Witch’s Brew, good food, and breasts bared…

It’s that time of year again. When the leaves (agonizingly slowly) change color, we feel a sharp nip in the air (90 straight to 60 it seems this year), and we finally get to hang out outside without being eaten to death here in the south.

First party of my favorite time of year? The Vamp Valley Vixens’ Boolesque bonfire bash!

A night full of Costumes, S’mores, witches brew, and partly nude revelry…

Here are a few highlights from the evening, featuring a fun backyard burlesque show, costume contest, and all the revelries!

I can’t wait to see what fall fun I get into the rest of this season…..

Till then, Happy Halloween!

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