Top 10 Items to Wear for your Boudoir Session that AREN'T Lingerie!

I Don't have a Ton of Lingerie for this!

One of the number one questions I get from my clients is, "What do I wear?!"

They think Boudoir and automatically think lace and straps and complicated hooks. Everything to push things up and to suck things in. 

But do you really need all that? 


Not at all! In fact, I sometimes prefer to use low key items to wear. Lingerie can be wonderful and empowering, strutting your stuff and feeling sexy. 


It can also be restricting, uncomfortable, and just not YOU.

The thing with Boudoir, or at least boudoir sessions at my studio, Wanderlust Boudoir, it's all about showing you off

and sometimes with lingerie, it's more about showing it off. 

We want to see You, not the latest Victoria Secret catalog. 

So, here are my Top 10 Surprising items to Wear for your Boudoir Session that you can pull from your own closet, so you don't have to break the bank and stock in lingerie. 

1. T-shirts


You know, one of my favorite things to sit around in is an over sized, off the shoulder, ratty T. 

You know what my Boyfriend's favorite thing to see me in?

You guessed it, an over sized, off the shoulder T. He absolutely loves how carefree and comfy I am in them (not to mention how my legs look).

You don't have to be wrapped up in lace like a dominatrix's Christmas present to get your partner's attention! 

This is absolutely one of my favorite options for Clients to bring to the studio. Especially if we get to rip it up a bit to show more skin. Or spray some water to make it a fun wet t-shirt shot  

Plus, it's a great way to show off what you both like! Favorite team shirt? Done. You both love a cult classic? Show it off! 

This makes it so much more personal for you and your loved one. 

2. Sweaters

Sweaters are also great things to wear for your session, especially when it gets cold out. 

With their open fronts and creative collar lines, these are wonderful to pair with a pair of lacy undies, or even just your favorite Hanes!



3. Body Jewelry

Always a crowd favorite, but not usually thought of. 

Jewelry can be a bit much if you put it on top of tons of lingerie. But, have you ever though of just wearing the jewelry?

There are some stunning options for body jewelry. People usually wear them on the beach to pair with their swimsuit or wraps, but they can be Perfect for your Boudoir session.

And what's even better? 

I've got some right in my studio's Client Closet, like this piece! (pictured left)



4. Something of His

Sneak out some of his button-ups, grab some ties. Does he have a favorite jersey? Or maybe just a favorite hat. 

Imagine after he opens up his Boudoir album and sees you wearing his favorite shirt. How much more do you think he'll love wearing that after he sees you, being all sexy in it?

I once had a Client who brought in her husband's ratty old cowboy hat. "He wears it every time he works out in the yard...never takes the thing off"

Imagine how he feels wearing it now ;) 


5. Something Sheer


Odds are, almost every one of you has something sheer in your closets. Whether it be an over shirt, undershirt, wrap, or nightie. Bring it in and show off your girls! Let me tell you, he will definitely get the Point! 


6. Sports Gear/ Sports Wear


If you and your boy toy enjoy a rousing Sunday match or even if it's just a thing with the boys. He will LOVE you in his favorite team's gear. I had a client, who's husband had a huge trophy/memorabilia room dedicated to his favorite players and teams. She was determined to be the best trophy in that room and ended up getting one of my largest metal prints and hanging it smack dab in the middle!

Or, if you're a fitness/sports buff, show off all your hard work! Bring in a tight sports bra, pull those girls up and get to flaunting! Bring a thin T and we'll get super creative and start ripping it off you! 


7. Jeans

I actually don't have any examples to show off to you. You know why? Cause NO ONE BRINGS THEIR CUTE JEANS!! Think you pulling tight ripped jeans slowly down. Or wearing a cute T, no bra, with jeans, unbuttoned at the top. You are a sexy Calvin Klein Model. Show it off!

8. The Little Black Dress


Boudoir gets all the more fun when you add a story to it. Make it cinematic. Make it Voyueristic. Those make some of the BEST sessions. So, start out your session with your best clubbing dress and give him a show! Give him little sneak peaks as you slowly peel away the layers, unwrapping his present!


9. Trench Coats and Jackets

There is nothing more classically sexy than a trench coat paired with high heels, and it makes for a great boudoir photo. Let some of your skin peek through to reveal you’re in nothing underneath or be more conservative and let their mind run wild!


10. Do you really have to bring clothing?

Seriously! Does it really have to be clothing? I had a client who had her portraits, covered in her hubby's hat collection. I've had girls come in with violins, with guitars, heck, even with her husband's favorite bowling ball! If you think we can get creative with it? Bring it it! Or at least mention during your Style consult so we can figure out if it will work or not. You never know till you try! 

Plus, We can do a whole session with just a White Sheet or nothing at all! Implied nudity can be a gorgeous session.

So Trust me when I say, You REALLY don't have to buy stock in Victoria Secret to have a Kick - Ass Boudoir Session!