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What’s Included in a Boudoir Session?


Sessions with Tasha at the Wanderlust Boudoir Studio are full of laughter, a listening ear, girl talk, complimentary wine and snacks, and so much more!

- a Complimentary Style Consult
- Access to my Client Closet
- 3-5 Looks
- full Hair & Makeup
- up to 3 hours studio time
- Separate Reveal Session

Choose from either a(n):

-Indoor studio session
(1st floor studio & Wardrobe Room Set)

-Greenhouse session

-Outdoor venue session
(does not include any additional rental fees)

-In Home/On Location session
(does not include any additional rental fees)


Session Upgrades

-Personal Shopping -
Need help picking and choosing what you want to wear? Or do you need help dressing for your body type? Think about adding on a Personal Shopping trip with me!
$30 per hour or $100 for 4 hours

-Extra Time -
This includes additional looks, as well.
$100 per hour

-Shower Set-
An extra 30 minutes in my Hot and steamy ‘Shower’ set

-Greenhouse Set -
Includes 1 extra hour and a beautiful custom set in the Wanderlust Greenhouse

-Bathtub Session -
Includes an extra 30-60 minutes with the porcelain Clawfoot Tub in the Wanderlust Greenhouse
(only $50 if in addition to the Wanderlust Greenhouse Upgrade)

-Wardrobe Room + Angel Wings-
Utilize both the 1st floor Studio as well as the Wardrobe room and ALL of its luxury items. Including the Wanderlust Angel Wings (Burgundy and the Black Peacock) + any couture items we have in stock at the time + 1 extra hour of shooting time

Mini Sessions

Seasonally, Wanderlust Boudoir will hold a Mini Session Weekend. These are themed for the season and/or a new venue or set piece.

Current Mini Sessions:
TBA 2020

*these will usually be announced early in my VIP Girl’s Group


Black Label Collection

I have one special Collection, mainly for you future Brides-to-Be, but it’s also a great way to save a little money, even if you know you want more at your reveal session.

This Collection includes a full Boudoir Session PLUS a special 6x6 black leather Little Black Book. This shows off up to 10 of your stunning portraits.



Start Planning your Session

  • Sessions do not include additional Studio Products. Clients Spend an average of $1500-$2000 on their heirloom products.

  • Go through my Studio Products HERE


What to Expect

Tasha Koetsch Wanderlust Boudoir Studio photographer chattanooga
  1. Book Your Session

Boudoir Sessions at the Wanderlust Studio take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Day Sessions start at 1pm EST and Evening Sessions start at 3pm or 4pm, depending on the time of year.

2. Preparation

Now don’t worry, most everyone who comes into the studio don’t know what to do or how to prepare.  I will be sending you an in depth preparation guide, as well as Tips & Tricks, and plenty of other items to go through, to help you prepare the best for your Boudoir Experience.

Wanderlust Boudoir Studio Chattanooga TN

Tasha Koetsch Wanderlust Boudoir Studio photographer chattanooga

3. The Consultation

I highly recommend taking advantage of our Complimentary consultation. This will allow us to get to know each other and make sure that I am the perfect fit for what you are wanting to achieve from your session! You are even welcome to book the consultation BEFORE you book your session if you wish! You can do that HERE

4. Hair & Makeup

Hair & makeup comes complimentary with every full Boudoir Session. But, you are more than welcome to opt out of it if makeup isn’t your jam and you are looking for a session that reflects your true self! As someone who hardly ever wears makeup, I totally understand how it can feel to look at a portrait of yourself WITH makeup and be a little bit overwhelmed. But, I also know how much fun I have when I get all dolled up for a photo shoot and get to become someone completely different for that moment! Whatever you decide – this session is all about YOU.

Tasha Koetsch Wanderlust Boudoir Studio photographer chattanooga

5. Your Session Day

Coming from me, your dedicated Boudoir photographer, I don’t want you to stress about anything during your session. I know you won’t know what you are doing. Just leave that up to me! I will pose, guide, and direct you every step of the way, making sure that you look your absolute Best! All the way from the tips of your toes to the top of your beautiful head! I’ll even make a fool of myself, demonstrating the poses for you, making sure you know exactly what to do! My goal is to bring out your awesome features, personality, and help you see the Amazing woman everyone knows!

Your session will last about an hour and a half and you will get to wear 3-5 ‘looks’ (looks can include even just a string of pearls or a even plain sheet. We’ll rock them all!)

If you would like to add more time or more outfits this is definitely an option, just let me know when!

Wanderlust Boudoir Studio Chattanooga TN
Tasha Koetsch Wanderlust Boudoir Studio photographer chattanooga

Wanderlust Boudoir Studio Chattanooga TN

6. The Reveal

Next to the shoot itself, the Reveal Session is the most exciting part! You get to see the culmination of all your hard work that day and see how Sexy, Fearless, and Confident you looked during your session! You will come back to the studio about 2-3 weeks after your session and sit down to a slideshow created just for you! You will get to see a gallery of 80-100 portraits from your session and then, together, we will narrow your choices to select the best studio products for you to show your Gorgeous Self off! I love this part and be fully warned, many a person has shed happy tears after seeing themselves in a whole new light!

Collections start at $900 and Clients spend $1800 on average. Click HERE to inquire about my In Depth Client Guide, including my Collections & Products!

Tasha Koetsch Wanderlust Boudoir Studio photographer chattanooga

7. Your Products

Time to show your Gorgeous Self off!
Your Boudoir Session is an investment and your products need to reflect this. I have done the work to find the best products possible to hold your images for years to come. Gorgeous albums, wall art, and digital collections are at your fingertips just waiting to be perused at a moment’s notice! From the time of your reveal to the time you receive your images is approximately 4-6 weeks (some seasons have a longer wait time) and Digital Collections are usually ready within 1 week of your session!